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Based on the classic community game...

Duck-Duck-Jeep as an NFT! Offering exclusive deals and discounts on Jeep Parts & Accessories.

Partnerships in the making...

We are in the process of partnering with your favorite Jeep Accessory stores. Our NFT will offer discounts, perks, and deals to select stores like Quadratec and Extreme Terrain. We know that a Jeep passion is not cheap, we want to make it easier to modify and upgrade your Jeep.


Extreme Terrain

Take a Peek...

Here are some of our personal favorites from the collection...

...And their corresponding ducks

Jeep #25

Jeep #109

Jeep #177

Jeep #433

Duck #25

Duck #109

Duck #177

Duck #433

Where to Buy...

Open Sea

The Ducked Up Jeep Club collection will originally be posted on Opensea using ETH through Polygon. Check out the collection here:

DUJC Collection

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Bel Air, MD, US

About us

You have heard of Jeeps. You have heard of ducks. You've probably heard of jeep ducking. Here it is. This NFT collection is hundreds of different varieties of jeeps and their matching ducks. Each Jeep has its matching duck and can be both be bought to own the pair! Explore some of our designs and see what you think.

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