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My Goal

My goal is to make you feel confident in the direction of the collection. I want to stay transparent, down to earth, and proactive. I want my investors to know who they are investing in and that is why I want to be responsive. Feel free to contact me through personal or collection social medias.

Who am I?

My name is Brady. I am a senior in high school in Bel Air, MD. I study the art of computer aided design and drafting. I have always been interested and involved with stocks, cryptocurrency, and now NFTs. This is my first NFT project inspired my 99' Jeep Wrangler.


Bel Air, MD, US

About us

You have heard of Jeeps. You have heard of ducks. You've probably heard of jeep ducking. Here it is. This NFT collection is hundreds of different varieties of jeeps and their matching ducks. Each Jeep has its matching duck and can be both be bought to own the pair! Explore some of our designs and see what you think.

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